Don't knock yodelly music with alternating upper and lower cases until you've tried it


Yeah she doesn't wear make-up, and yeah she kinda looks like an alcoholic aunt you'd avoid at family parties, but I love the fact that Merrill Garbus hasn't sold out to the sexy post-feminist-or-whatever-it-is-these-days sequinned minidress and trilby, or something else which that Debbie Harry wannabe from the Ting Tings would wear to make up for lack of talent and innovation. Tune-Yards definitely does not need anything of the sort.

You can feel through the soft and powerful DIY layers of yodelling vocals and tribal percussions how much impact other cultures have had on her entirely self-produced and recorded debut album BiRd-BrAiNs. It's like a millefeuille of worldly instrumentals, which leaves me intrigued as to the stories she must have to tell of each song. Some of what she sings is indecipherable, which is a rare aspect that I take joy in, as it seems to unwittingly force the listener to actually focus on the ways she uses her voice and other instruments to create the intended sound.

If she did some sort of collaboration with Bobby McFerrin, I think it would blow my mind. Tune-Yards is 4AD's best investment since Pixies.