Hard-hitting Vogue oil spill shoot deemed ‘crude’

The topical oil-spill themed shoot by Steven Meisel in the August issue of Italian Vogue was subject to an unnecessary amount of scrutiny and a journalistic 'clip round the ear' by many who seem to have concerns about... no, not size 2 models creating unachievable images of beauty... no, not rhino-leather handbags...

Ohh, worries that oil spills are being glamorised and trivialised, of course! By viewing the overwhelming images of lacquered and choked life, depicting a hard-hitting similarity to the effect of trans-national corporations (namely BP) on wildlife through shockingly destructive scenes, we're automatically going to think the oil spill is no biggy?

That's like the things people say about ten-year-olds who play GTA.

Although Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani claims that 'There is nothing political. There is nothing social. It's only visual', I hope the shoot has had the same effect on others as it had on me. Through the clever usage of rugged, wiry and torn fabrics as well as clear imagery of skinny oil-slicked birds through... well... literal skinny oil-slicked birds, wearing feathered dresses and shoes. I think it's both beautiful and disgusting.

Yeah okay, it does sort of conjur up the Derelicte by Mugatu show in Zoolander... But I think the shoot brings the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to reality.

Maybe this could be a pretty big market for the fashion world, perhaps it will push people to help out aid charities. And the fashion world can show how interested they really are in current world politics! Yay.
Next up- Pakistan flood shoot...?