'Morality is not relative. It's a universal truth'

I came across this video by a Los Angeles-based spoken word poet which he self-shot to address 'an aspect of #notmypresident that he finds a little ironic'. It made me quite sad. It already has 6.7 million viewers, 46k likers and 134k sharers probably reveling in his mindset...

1. Chelsea Handler: "far more crude than Donald Trump could ever dream to be". She's talking about sex in an open, realistic way in the mainstream. Writing it off as 'crude' is society telling women they should be ladylike and not be openly sexual. We're starting to tiptoe away from this because of women like her who show you don't have to keep the fact that women like to have sex a secret! Although she's particularly provocative, it sets men and women in the right direction.

2. Examples of Beyonce's lyrics: Yuuge difference here is that she's *not* talking about sexually assaulting or touching people without their consent! She's being open about sex and showing that she has fun with it. Again, this guy puts a woman down for that. While the lyrics are typically 'crude' (the bible one is a bit bizarre but just a provocative metaphor, which presumably he cherry-picked as being offensive because of his personal religious views), and certainly not appropriate for teens, she also does a fair bit of good for the face of black pride and feminism (and hence women's rights) in mainstream culture. Isn't it good in the long run that it's becoming acceptable for women to openly talk about sex?

3. This guy strongly infers that people who have a silly/immature sense of humour are immoral people! My friends and I are moralistic, educated, respectful people - that isn't mutually exclusive to loving a good willy joke/fart joke! People like Sausage Party and SNL because it's entertainment/surreal/silly, not because it's real life/to do with the future of every person in the country/about a man who is genuinely going to be 'the leader of the free world'! It's just light-hearted escapism for us: Marx's idea of "the opiate of society". Drawing this comparison is reductive and, ironically, immature.

4. "Swearing, playing video games and making jokes about genitals" is NOT talking about sexually assaulting other people, therefore not equivalent to Trump's locker-room talk. Again: reductive and irrelevant comparison.

5. Not recycling IS so categorically more immoral than porn! He talks about porn like it's presumed to be a horrendous act of immorality. Is a healthy penchant for porn going to slowly ruin the earth?! No. It's such a positive thing that American teenagers understand the real issues facing them and future generations. Porn can be perfectly healthy, but a large and repressive chunk of society, and people such as this guy, make any men or women who choose to watch it feel like they should be ashamed. Friends unknowingly perhaps made it a little bit more acceptable to be openly sexual in the mainstream. (Disclaimer: I obviously don't mean porn that focuses on rape, abuse or sexualising children here.)

6. What he says in the longer description about religion infers that religious people = good people and atheists = evil. This is something I'm always surprised by in mainstream American culture compared to in the UK/Europe, but people who think this have seemingly never heard of humanism (nor the people who believe humanistic values but don't realise they're humanist).

I do agree with the bit in the description about Bill Clinton and moral relativism. People now see him as cute/funny (see: balloons) and seem to have forgotten he cheated and plainly lied about it.

'Morality is not relative. It's a universal truth.' - This guy perfectly illustrates multiple times in this video how hypocritical his statement is. He talks about HIS backwards-thinking and old-fashioned version of morality. It wouldn't surprise me coming from much older generations in the bible belt in America, for example. It's a real shame that young people, who for the sanity and good of the country should be heading towards being more socially progressive, are reprimanding those who are open about sex, when they should be prioritising sorting their cardboards from their plastics.