Comedy Review: WitTank

NARC. Issue #84, May 2013

@ The Stand, Newcastle (26.03.13)

Sketch comedy may be looked upon as the suited-up Grandpa of the comedy spectrum. Mumblings of fork handles and dead parrots are perhaps overshadowed by the colloquial observations of the McIntyre era. Kieran, Mark and Naz - the trio of Durham old-boys forming WitTank - collide everyday vexations (the incomparable pain of standing on a plug) with the utterly surreal, mixing in a good portion of solo stand-up with their theatrical group skits.

Having gained huge success over the past few years since their student comedy days, WitTank have appeared on BBC Three's Live At The Electric as well as becoming the ones to watch during Edinburgh excursions, leading them on to gain various respectable comedy accolades and securing a residency at London's Courtyard Theatre.

Noticing the comedians taking pleasure in their on-stage antics adds to their hilarious interpretations of familiar scenarios, some of which are fuelled by Mark's experiences as a Geography teacher, with Anglo-Turk Naz taking the reins as lead thesp. With a captivating ability to hop from boyish humour to theatrical satire with unwavering energy, the whole experience of seeing WitTank live will leave you with tear-soaked cheeks and wondering why all comedy shows can't be quite so thrilling.