you and i go shopping and fall asleep inside the mattress store

Darwin Deez- Radar Detector
I never describe anything as 'lovely'. But this video truly is. The primary coloured regressive charm leaves you sitting back and wondering 'Why can't I do that every day? The world would be a better place!' ...Those of us who still own a Barbie drivable Jammin' Jeep circa 1995, plethora of disposable cameras, a waffle maker and some engineering skills indeed could do so.
Listened to in passing without the aid of the simplistically cute video, the ditty could be mistaken for a Mika-esque vacuous pop tune. But witness the Heath-Ledger-if-he'd-gone-indie puppy haired singer cavorting and bopping about with delightfully gawky moves and a look which you probably last saw on the face of that kid in the playground when he finally got a shiny Charizard.
Watch, and try not to wonder where the nearest plastic fork is...