The XX


I know it's old news since the days of yore (what, a year ago?) when they were the hype with the all the jaunty Camden kids and eventually music journos, but I just think this song and video are so hauntingly beautiful. A band I'm now gutted I've never seen, and it doesn't look likely that wish will be fulfilled any time soon, as it seems they're only doing one UK date this summer. Shockingly, not in the North East.
I was also impressed how well their music transferred to acoustic unplugged- as per the second video down. It proves how simple and classically-formed the layers of a lot of today's electro-based stuff is. Not to say that The XX are standard modern indie/electro. Their music has a subtle edge on the others, a hushed and modest sincerity. Romy and Oliver's voices drift, effortlessly pure alongside eachother in the most relaxed way. Like a chilling Sonny and Cher, citing late 80s pop throughout.
One small single reason I wish I hadn't watched the video- now I've noticed that Romy has a speech impediment, and now I can't not notice it...