likely letterman

I do think the Libertines reunion would be interesting to see... Maybe disappointing. Not that I'd be expecting much from four guys who are about as subtle at being in it for the money as Anna Nicole Smith.
But I'd have a little niggle about buying tickets to one of their reunion shows- You know that feeling when you kinda want to give a tramp a quid, but then you don't because you know he'll just spend it on drugs...? That.

Also... I love the way a seemingly just-rolled-in David Letterman introduces any band on his show, no matter what their genre, as “a terrific rock and roll band” in such a nonchalant and Grandfatherly way as though he's describing a home-made fruit loaf. Then you half expect said band to have had a sudden Bill Haley-esque swerve in artistic focus and appear in matching leather jackets and sporting quiffs.